Yes, people, that’s right!
Henrique César decided with his wife, Patrícia Bonilho, to leave the famous ON ROAD trailer and open Rick’s Burger in a physical space with chairs, tables and everything that everyone always craved. Curso de Hamburguer Gourmet do Rick’s Burger

I was at the opening of the establishment on day 31, talked with Rick and told him details of this long experience that he and the burger got together. It lasts longer than marriage. It ties in with history. (I.e.

Carioca, he told me everything very bereft and it will be difficult to write a serious text for you.

Rick had his first contact with the world of hamburgers when he was 14 when he started working at McDonalds in Rio de Janeiro.
In the fast-food chain he stayed for ten years, going through several areas to the management post. He said he loved working with it, and along with the network, he was at the opening of 20 establishments and received several recognition awards.

Until he decided to open his own business – now in Espírito Santo Curso de hamburguer gourmet ES – a trailer for street snacks, as he said, better known as “podão” (rs). At that time there was no concept of “artisan or gourmet hamburger”. Among some places he settled for longer under the New Millennium College where he stayed for four years.

Curso de hamburguer gourmet ES He wanted to change branches and created a pizza franchise – Fast Pizza – that made a lot of success for 2 years up to 28 units! However, with the crisis he was very affected and had to sell the franchise.
After losing some money from the labor contracts, he came back again with Rick’s Burger, but this time at Praia da Costa, on Avenue Champagnat. Without success he remained for only two months.

It was then that Rick’s Burger left for the neighborhood of Soteco, the current address, in front of his house.
Initially working only with deliveries has conquered its space. He bought the metal drums to serve as a table and the trailer that he reformed in the simplest way: painting everything in black with a white handmade sign. Rustic and simple. Curso de hamburguer gourmet ES

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