Gongelados Salgados?

frozen salted

Have you considered the possibility of becoming a successful micro-entrepreneur within a highly profitable branch of the frozen savory branch and still little explored?

I liked the idea of ​​firing your boss who pays little and still not get off your foot, and get out of job status and become a microentrepreneur?

This is your time to dribble the financial crisis and create your own business and have more time for you and your family.

I do not know today what your need is, more if you got here is because you are looking for something to have a better income, and it is in the most difficult times that we have the best opportunities.

It does not matter if you are male or female what matters is your attitude.

We are talking about a very profitable branch, the frozen savory branch.

We have created a step-by-step method to have your own business, in your house, in your kitchen …..

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The Newest Method Has Come Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Successful Micro Entrepreneur in the branch of FROZEN SALTS

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How to learn to make Gongelados Salgados?

With the Frozen Salted Course you will learn without curling everything you need to know and have to give your initial opponent and create your own Frozen Business success business.

You will have the opportunity to bill from R $ 2,000.00 to R $ 5,000 per month or even more, to have your own business working in the comfort of your home!

Imagine an income of $ 2,000.00 in your life, with this income you will be able to help your husband in the expenses of the house, help in the rent, will be able to turn around and still have time for his family and his son.

All these techniques and tips are put together in a complete ebook with over 100 pages with simplified step-by-step for you to come out making the best and savory salads.

The Frozen Salted Guide is complete. You will learn to:

Prepare a delicious dough for fried salads, savory baked goods, make delicious croquettes, kibes, prepare the most delicious fillings for your salty ones.

I will teach you the whole production process of each salty and whole freezing process.

I’ll show you how:

Molding, Breading, Cooling, Packing, Freezing, Storing,

Calculate Production Price, Calculate Sales Price,

Stipulate your monthly gain and work to get it.

You will also learn to:

Display your product, Disclose, Sell,

Customer loyalty, Expand your business,

You will learn how to make your mark!