GASTRONOMY: Rick’s Burger reopens with 130 places and news on the menu

After a little more than 20 days closed, Rick’s Burger, located in Soteco, reopens with 130 places to give more comfort to customers who are passionate about their delights. Among many new features, the area now has a toy library for children up to 5 years old. In it, the kids will be entitled to video games, story books and recreation and Curso de hamburguer Gourmet do ES Rick’s Burger .

The kitchen, which used to have 6sqm, now has 30sqm space. Everything to meet the demands more quickly, besides allowing the creation of new dishes options. That is, the menu is bigger! The menu now has 12 hamburgers, two new ones: The Premium Rib (R $ 19) and the Pork Ru (R $ 18), this being in honor of the Jefferson Rueda of the Casa do Porco de São Paulo. The pork burger has in its ingredients Pernil burger, crispy bacon, grilled curd cheese, shredded pork on the house barbecue, pineapple, bacon mayonnaise and Australian bread.

In addition to the burgers, two hot dogs: Rick’s Bulldog ($ 19) and Hot Dog Vegetarian ($ 19), the first with homemade sausage, garlic bread mayonnaise, stir fry onion, catupiry, crispy bacon on parmesan bread and the other with homemade vegetarian sausage, grilled vegetables mix (chili, onion, tomato and carrot), fried banana, tomato sauce, sour cream gratin on parmesan bread. It is noteworthy that before the reform there was no vegetarian option on the menu, this hot dog being the first to enter the menu and the Curso de hamburguer Gourmet do ES Rick’s Burger .

From accompaniments, the new breeding is Potato with Rib of Ox Trotted to Catupiry ($ 18) that promises to be the new sensation after the already famous potato with Pulled Pork and Sour Cream. At the entrances, the highlight is the Chicken Fry, portion with six steaks, fried chicken, succulent, for $ 14, comes with the house guava ketchup.

And if before the hamburgers (Curso de hamburguer Gourmet do ES Rick’s Burger )did not serve desserts, now there will be “dessert of the week” and also “Italian soda of the week” with super different flavors like Brownie and Popcorn.

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